In preparation for our Return to In-Class Learning on Monday, January 17th, here is the link to our school’s Covid Information Hub where you can get reacqainted with your schools Covid Health and Safety Protocols, specifically on:

  • Arrival and entry to into the school.
  • Lunch time protocols.
  • Sign In-Out procedures for students (and parents) – for both during the day and outside of school times.

Here is the link:


  • Know our protocols in terms of movement in/out of the building and for lunches remain the same since early Fall 2021.
  • Take care to adhere to health and safety protocols.
  • Arrange to meet up with friends outside (e.g. during lunch if electing not to reamin in your Period 1 class; before/afterschool) and not in washrooms; hallways.
  • Remember that “visiting” friends in their or your Period 1 class during in not within these protocols.  If eating inside, students stay within their own Period 1 classroom.
  • Be mindful that masks may only be removed for eating/drinking – not talking.
  • Enter through your designated doors at the start and end of the day; if returning from the outside during lunch to return to your Period 1 class.
  • Know that 3-ply maks are available for those students who forget/do not have their own to wear.

Though many of us are excited for the return to in-class learning on Monday, many are also nervous and uncertain.  At this time, adhering to the protocols that have worked well for our school community throughout each stage of the pandemic serves as a way we can demonstrate consideration for each other.  Students and staff have done an outstanding job in keeping each other safe and healthy in each of the three years of this pandemic.  Though it is understandable how pandemic fatigue will prompt some to “relax” on protocols when transmission rates have been lower, now is the time once again to be more mindful of and diligent about these health and safety measures while both in the building and within our wider community.

We have done 4 rounds of remote learning and we are ready for Return to School 4.0!  Thank you in advance for your support and diligence and looking forward to being together again.

Take care,

Ms. Collis


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