Laurel Heights Secondary School and the WRDSB believe that every student has the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and to feel safe at school. This section of our website as well as LHSS’ Code of Conduct are shared with students, staff, and parents in order to establish a common understanding of how we work together to make LHSS a safe, caring, equitable, and inclusive school for all students and staff to learn and work.

Laurel Heights Secondary School recognizes that a whole-school approach to engaging the school community will help our school’s efforts to address inappropriate behaviour. To this end, LHSS will use the following Ministry of Education definition of bullying in communications with the school community.

Bullying is aggressive behaviour that is typically repeated over time. It is meant to cause harm, fear, or distress or create a negative environment at school for another person. Bullying occurs in a situation where there is a real or perceived power imbalance. The full definition is in the Education Act at

Safe Caring and Inclusive School Committee

As part of our efforts to prevent and raise awareness of bullying, LHSS’ Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every second month to discuss issues of inclusion and caring at school and to plan strategies and events that promote safe, caring and inclusive practices at school and in our community. We reflect on the results of the Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools Survey completed by parents, teachers and students in order to determine the focus of each meeting and of the work we do to ensure that all members of the SJAM community feel included and respected.

The Team is made up of students, teachers, administrators, and parents, who plan, act, assess and reflect on our initiatives to encourage all members in our community to treat others as they wish to be treated.  

All are welcome; please see the schedule of meetings below. Please contact the school if you would like to attend.

Ministry of Education and WRDSB Documents

“Bullying We Can All Help Stop It”

Bullying Prevention and Intervention in the WRDSB

Bullying Prevention Resources (WRDSB website)

Code of Conduct Board Policy 6001

Student Bullying Prevention and Intervention WRDSB Administrative Procedure 1200

Student Bullying Prevention and Intervention WRDSB Board Policy 6009

Equity and Inclusion Board Improvement Plan 2015-16

Equity and Inclusion Board Policy 1008

Faith and Religious Accommodations WRDSB Administrative Procedure 1230

Student Discipline Procedures WRDSB Administrative Procedure 1260