Grade 9 Pre-AP options are no longer offered, in part due to the implementation of de-streamed math &courses. Pre-AP Math will be an option for students starting in Grade 10.  We no longer offer pre-AP or Advanced Placement courses in Chemistry and Physics as the Ontario university curriculum provides robust preparation for future university programs/pathways.

A reminder that Pre-AP/Advanced Placement courses are intended for students who are notably passionate about mathematics and seek further challenges beyond the traditional academic or university-level curriculum. Students considering pre-AP/AP math should demonstrate consistent academic strength across units of study, as well as participation in extra math opportunities such as contests, math clubs, etc. The pace of these courses and depth of course work is intended to be demanding.

Students should consider pre-AP courses (grades 10-11) as more of a mindset than an actual destination stream.  The focus of these courses should be on developing the skills and habits needed for success in grade 12 AP courses, including inquiry, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, communication and collaboration.  Courses are designed to tap into students’ genuine passions for subject content while providing an enriched environment for those seeking an extra challenge beyond academic or university level.

PLEASE NOTE – our pre-advanced placement courses are not part of a school magnet program and are only available to students in our catchment area.  Students outside the LHSS boundary are not able to register for these courses.

Grade 10:

  • MPM2DW (replaces 2DI) – requires MTH1WI (students strongly recommended to have level 4+ across all units of study in grade 9 math)

Grade 11:

  • MCR3UW & MHF4UW (2 credit package – students MUST select both) – requires MPM2DI and transition course or MPM2DW

Grade 12:

  • MCV4UW (requires completion of MHF4UW)

If you require additional information, please contact your guidance counsellor or speak with your science or math teacher.

Our pre-AP and advanced placement courses are built on our academic and university level courses, adding more in-depth units of study while accelerating course content.  Students have the opportunity to experience enriched, intensive study in their subjects of interest and strength, while preparing themselves for the knowledge and background equivalents to first-year university study during their grade 12 year (AP level courses).  Please note that AP-level courses are NOT a requirement for admission to Ontario universities and regular 4U/M courses are considered excellent preparation for first-year university programs.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) program offers students the opportunity to pursue university-level studies while still in high school.
  • Students can earn credits for many universities and colleges in Canada and the USA.
  • Enrolling in Pre-AP courses prepares students for success in senior (grade 12) Advanced Placement Calculus course.
  • Pre-AP extends the current curriculum and enriches specific learning outcomes.
  • Although Pre-AP extends the curriculum, evaluation is based on the regular academic Ontario curriculum.

Based on a student’s performance on optional AP exams (typically written in spring of grade 12), they may earn a transfer credit, advanced placement or both for that subject in first-year university.  Where applicable, each university decides independently how to recognize successful completion of AP courses/exams and has clear AP policies which students can access through university websites or our own guidance counsellors.

AP courses cover BOTH Ontario curriculum and AP content.  Students’ final course marks are based on their demonstration of knowledge of the Ontario curriculum.  Evaluation of AP content occurs during the final standardized exam written in grade 12.