There are a wide variety of enrichment opportunities available both inside and outside the school. Often extra curricular activities, sports and artistic opportunities are a great way to enhance your learning. Other opportunities are also available outside of the school. See Ms. MacKenzie or Ms. Bouw in the Special Education (room 1601) for specific information or explore some of the opportunities listed below through the Internet.

SJAM’s Pre-AP/AP Program (Grade 10 -12 Students)


Waterloo Unlimited is a unique, trans-disciplinary high school enrichment program at the University of Waterloo that brings together curious, motivated, well-rounded teens from across the country.

Rather than focusing on enrichment in a particular subject, each program revolves around a transdisciplinary theme that draw on Waterloo’s six faculties (Arts, Applied Health Sciences, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, and Science) for a grand exploration of commonalities and differences leading to the integration of knowledge.

Waterloo Unlimited is not quite like anything you’ve ever done before. It’s not science camp or arts camp or music camp or math camp or leadership camp. It’s ‘everything’ camp.

Events run in November, March and May this year – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER!

University of Waterloo Enrichment Opportunities


The University of Waterloo offers a wide array of amazing enrichment experiences for high school students throughout the year.  Click the graphic above to visit U of W’s enrichment site to learn more!