Why Volunteer?

  • It feels good to get involved in your community.
  • You meet other people (network).
  • You gain new skills and experiences.
  • You need 40 hours to graduate from high school.
  • Your volunteer experience may help you when applying for scholarships and/or competitive post-secondary programs (particularly if you complete far more than the required 40 hours).

 How to Keep Track of Your Hours

  • You should keep a good record of your volunteer hours using the available tracking record booklet (below) OR other system (Google doc, notebook, etc.) – this should include keeping a record of contact info for your volunteering (names, email/phone).
  • Students can submit hours electronically using the appropriate “CLASS OF” Google form available in your Google Classroom.
  • To help you keep track of your community service, use the Activity Tracking Record – download HERE.
  • View the WRDSB Community Involvement Manual HERE.
  • Make sure you get the Community Sponsor’s and your parent’s signatures (or get contact info to provide for tracking – phone # and/or email)
  • Graduating students should submit their Tracking Record by mid-May of your graduating year to ensure these are posted well ahead of commencement ceremonies.

Visit this page often for updated volunteer and part-time job opportunities in the LHSS community.  More information is also available on the bulletin board across from the guidance offices.


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