Our goal is to make the transition process from grade 8 to 9 as smooth as possible for all our students.  We also want to do our part to ensure our students feel welcome and well supported once they start their high school careers.  This involves a dedicated, diverse group of staff who, along with your classroom teachers, provide a variety of support roles and work closely as a team to look out for our Highlanders!

Here’s an overview of our Laurel Heights Student Services Team:


Mr. Bryan Lozon

Vice-Principals (by last name alpha):

Ms. Katherine Stauch (A-G)
Mr. Jason Shantz (H-N)
Ms. Bonnie Wigmore (O-Z)

Guidance Counsellors (by last name alpha):

Ms. Stefany Stankovic (A)
Mrs. Andrea Richarson (B-Dn)
Ms. Terri Angel (D0-I)
Mr. Mike Richardson (J-L, Y-Z)
Ms. Donna Lemon (M-Re)
Mr. Greg Todd (Ri-X)

Learning Services/Spec Ed:

Ms. Noriko Fukumoto

Child & Youth Workers:

Amy Haertel, Sarah Gerth

Social Worker:

Amber Buchanan

Student Success Teachers:

Ivanka Rowley
Dan Kirley
Janice Campbell