WRDSB grade 8 students have access to MyBlueprint – a great website to help with school and pathways research.  Working with your grade 8 teachers, you are recommended to use this site to assist with your grade 9 planning.

MyBlueprint gives students the opportunity to:

  • Discover “WHO AM I?” by completing a series of informative online surveys/activities (specific to grade)
  • Develop secondary course plans to assist with post-secondary goals and map out course selections each year
  • Track your progress towards graduation
  • Create an online portfolio of personal work/achievements and more
  • Build your own resume to prepare for future work
  • Research and connect to up-to-date post-secondary opportunities (university, college, apprenticeships, workplace)
  • Earn points as you complete tasks unique to your grade – use points to enter draws for gift cards and more through MyBlueprint


  • When ready to access MyBlueprint, click the link below (or MyBlueprint logo above).
  • Current students – when you visit the site, click the green  SCHOOL ACCOUNT LOGIN button and use your WRDSB/PAL username and password to access the site.
  • Check to ensure you’re assigned to the correct grade (based on school Trillium info).
  • FOCUS ON ACTIVITIES FOR GRADE 8 – you will get to revisit this site in the future and have the chance to complete new tasks as you move from grade to grade!  Goals will change as you get closer to completing high school.
  • Explore the left menu to access the different activities and tools available.
  • You’re recommended to try out the WHO AM I? surveys to begin researching potential occupations/pathways that match your results.
  • Click HIGH SCHOOL and develop your unique school course plan (grades 9-12) – you should see your completed courses/marks and can use this to track your progress towards graduation.
  • Complete the TASKS featured on your home screen to earn MyBlueprint points.  You can track your point score near the top right by your name.  To enter prize draws, click PRIZES under the TASKS tab.
  • Take time to explore and try out different tools and helpful resources.