GLE1OI, GLE2OI, GLE3OI, GLE4OI (Learning Strategies, Open) – for students with IEPs

GLE is offered in all grades through the Special Education/Learning Services Department. This learning strategies course focuses on building the skills and tools needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond. (The focus for each year is grade specific as students navigate through secondary school, but students may enter at any grade as the previous level is not a prerequisite.)

Students will receive support for their regular subject courses as well as learn and develop various study skills and strategies to be successful life-long learners. Skills studied throughout include: organization, time management, self advocacy, study skills and understanding their learning disabilities.  The GLE teacher works closely with classroom teachers to help the student stay on top of his or her classes.  Prerequisite:  NONE (students should have an IEP to enroll in course).

Students may take up to a maximum of four (4) GLE credits throughout their secondary school years (usually 1 GLE class per school year).


GLS1OI (Skills for Success – NEW FOR 2023/2024)

A strong grade 12 can only be achieved on a strong foundation. This course focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners.  The importance of building a solid foundation, focused on literacy, numeracy and the academic habits of successful students, will be emphasized in this course. 

Course topics include:

  • Look at building habits of success (goal setting, reflective thinking, sleep hygiene, healthy technology use)
  • How to access homework help
  • Discovering your talents, gifts and abilities
  • Building a pathway of success, in high school and beyond
  • Reading for fun, communication and comprehension
  • Problem solving for math and mystery


GLC2OB (Guidance and Career Studies, Fast Forward)

This course teaches students how to develop and achieve personal goals for future learning, work, and community involvement. Students will assess their interests, skills, and, characteristics and investigate current economic and workplace trends, work opportunities, and ways to search for work. The course explores post-secondary learning and career options, prepares students for managing work and life, finances, transitions, and helps students focus on their goals through the development of a career plan.  Prerequisite:  NONE. (Note: 0.5 credit course paired with CHV2OB).

GLC2OH (Guidance and Career Studies, Open)

This course helps students develop personal goals for learning, future work opportunities, and community involvement. Students will discover their personal strengths, interests and goals as they develop the skills to research and develop secondary and post-secondary pathways plans.  Students will also learn the fundamentals of financial management, career research, goal development and more. Prerequisite:  NONE. (Note: 0.5 credit course paired with CHV2OH).

Units of Study:

  • Unit 1:  Introduction to Career Planning
  • Unit 2:  Who am I?
  • Unit 3:  What are the Opportunities for Education, Training, and Work?
  • Unit 4:  The Job Search

Assessment & Evaluation:

  • This is a project-based course that includes assignments related to your own self-discovery, secondary school, post secondary options, and job application components.
  • The culminating assignment is a personal career/post-secondary plan.

GLD2OI – NEW LEARNING SUPPORT COURSE (Destreamed Math Bridging/Support)

GLD2O is designed to help students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts that will be important for their learning when transitioning between MTH1W and MPM2D, while gaining necessary tools and skills for the workplace of tomorrow. Through integrated activities related to career exploration, experiential learning, and entrepreneurship, students will have an opportunity to improve their understanding of foundational mathematical concepts and skills. This course will be an interactive and engaging experience to help students gain transferable skills for continued learning and work.  Prerequisite: none.


GLD2OC (Discovering the Workplace & Cooperative Education, Fast Forward 2 Credit Package)

This course provides students with opportunities to discover and develop the workplace essential skills and work habits required to be successfully employed. Students will develop an understanding of work through practical hands-on experiences in the school and in the community, using real workplace materials. They investigate occupations of interest through experiential learning opportunities, such as work-site visits, job shadowing, work experience, simulations, and entrepreneurial projects. This course helps students make plans for continued learning and work. Prerequisite:  none.  Note – this course is offered as a 2-credit package with Co-operative Education.